Luke Vibert – Nuggets Vol. 3 – Fresh Treasures from the Bruton Music Library

Lo Recordings

With Public Information Records’ delivery of Tomorrow’s Achievements last October the label unearthed some incredible synthesized gems out of the Parry Music Library. Then there are the dozens of short-lived vinyl sites stepping out of Soulseek secrecy and publicly sharing the occasional Bruton record before sensing a copyright violation. That in mind I had anticipated some ’80s synth and sequencer-based choices on Nuggets Vol. 3 — Fresh Treasures from the Bruton Music Library of which there are few.

Instead Luke Vibert seems to focus on copsploitation clavinet crime-funk songs with a scattering of electronics smooth strings and vocal songs. One song that stands out is “Scratch City” which for the first two minutes of the song is simply synthesized record-scratching sounds on top of an electro drum machine beat.

There are plenty of “deep cuts” for people who enjoy “crate digging” in their endless pursuit of “breakbeats” if I’m using that slang correctly. This fits better with the late ’90s early ’00s library comps which focused a lot more on funk than electronics or pop. Perhaps Lo Recordings will release a third Barry 7’s Connectors comp to appease those of us less interested in finding backing music for the skits on their next rap album.