Perfect antidote to the cold

When you’re chilled to the bone there is only one cure: soup. The arrival of snow and colder weather makes this the perfect time to look at some of the options in Calgary for warming up after a day on the toboggan hill or thawing out from the cold commute to work. From the borscht at the Calgary Farmers’ Market to the famous Wor Wonton soup at King’s there are enough choices to keep you going until spring. Here are a few suggestions from food-wise locals to get you started:

Julie Van Rosendaal cookbook author and food writer ( dinnerwithjulie.com )

Split Pea Soup Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar (909 10 St. S.E.)

I love the split pea soup Andy Fennel makes at Gravity in the Atlantic Avenue Art Block in Inglewood. He does a sticky roast ham on an aged cheddar biscuit once a week then uses the leftover ham hock to make split pea soup and it’s the best split pea soup I’ve ever had. Bonus: I can chase it with one of the best lattes in town!

John Manzo food blogger Creative Juices and Solids ( jfmanzo.wordpress.com )

Chiang Mai Noodle Soup at Jackie’s Thai (Eau Claire Market).

This soup has a deep yellow rich thick spicy coconut-milky broth that’s full of rice or egg noodles (your choice — I prefer the rice) and chicken. You top this concoction with as many sliced onions pickled mustard greens and spoonfuls of chili oil as you care to add. It’s so thick it’s more like a Thai version of fettuccine alfredo than a soup but it’s insanely rib-sticking good and an incredible value like everything at Jackie’s.

Elizabeth Chorney-Booth food writer and blogger ( rollingspoon.com )

Miso Ramen Shikiji (1608 Centre St. N.E.)

If I’m looking for an affordable piping hot meal in a bowl the Miso Ramen from Shikiji is always my go-to soup. I’ve never been to Japan but I’ve been told that these alkaline noodles in a rich miso broth are quite authentic by North American standards. Be sure to order it with fatty pork — the flavour of the fat makes all the difference.

Tara MacKinnon food critic Fast Forward Weekly

Baked French Onion Soup Yellow Door Bistro (119 12 Ave S.W.)

I’m a sucker for a good French onion soup and there’s a great version at Yellow Door Bistro at Hotel Arts. Browned and bubbling with ooey-gooey Gruyère the savoury broth topped with a crisp crouton features caramelized onions and tender chunks of oxtail. But it’s not just the flavour of this dish that warms my heart it’s the presentation too. Arriving in a bright yellow Le Creuset enameled cast iron pot the piping hot soup is everything you want it to be: rich sweet and adorable.

Ching Li cooking instructor Cookbook Co. Cooks

Dong Khanh Special with Rice Noodle (#10) Dong Khanh Vietnamese Restaurant (2066 18 Ave. N.E.)

Whenever I am craving a bowl of soup it means a venture to the northeast for the #10 special at Dong Khanh. It consists of a bowl of clear chicken broth layered with romaine lettuce bean sprouts fresh rice noodles ground chicken slices of pork green onion and a dash of ground black pepper. If you are feeling a little adventurous have the soup with slices of kidney heart and liver. A light drizzle of chilli oil on top is the final touch to fill your tummy with warm fuzzies.