Death and Vanilla – Vampyr

Moon Glyph

This is Death and Vanilla’s soundtrack for Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 film Vampyr recorded at the screening of the film at the 2012 Fantastisk Filmfestival. Death and Vanilla had just five weeks to come up with the music before their performance so they added three members to form a quintet borrowed a projector and set about devising a soundtrack to the film as it was projected on the wall of their rehearsal space.

As the film attempts to disorient the viewer with visual effects and blur reality using washed-out filming methods it seems natural for the festival curators to have selected Death and Vanilla with their grey psychedelic pop daydreams to provide the musical arrangement. It doesn’t sound like a 1932 film score; rather it references a more ’60s/’70s atmosphere like if Ventures In Space -era the Ventures were somehow asked to score a Dario Argento film. Although semi-improvised the soundtrack sounds deliberate yet subdued as though to not detract attention from the film’s visuals. However with this calibre of performance it seems probable that more than a few viewers would have been quite happy to just watch the band play.