The Killers – Direct Hits


I’ve always said The Killers were a “greatest hits” act. Y’know one of those bands incapable of making a great album but constantly writing killer singles (pun intended ha!). If you don’t believe me check Metacritic : The Killers have scored a 65.6 per cent average with their five albums.

Their bombastic synth-rock has always been uneven but Direct Hits is a fully balanced album consisting of only the good stuff. By sequencing the tracklist chronologically most of your favourite Killers songs (a.k.a. the only Killers songs you listen to) come in the first quarter. Let’s face it: these Vegas bros reached their pinnacle early.

And so the Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town tracks all rule (save “Somebody Told Me” and its infuriatingly lazy rhyme-along chorus) making it very front-heavy. Third album Day & Age begins to acknowledge a downturn but it isn’t until it reaches Battle Born that you start to hear the band lose their lustre. But their excellent M83-produced “Shot at the Night” and newest single “Be Still” remind us that The Killers aren’t done just yet.

Direct Hits is a predictable yet thoroughly enjoyable collection that thankfully ignores the cringe-worthy “Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll” not to mention those Christmas songs. In essence this is the album I’ve been waiting 10 years for The Killers to make. Took them long enough.