Rallies draw crowds across Canada with small group in Calgary

A cross-country rally protesting oilsands mining methods and the expansion of pipelines in Canada drew thousands in 130 Canadian communities though only 50 “hardcore” activists protested at Enbridge’s headquarters in Calgary.

Federal Green Party representative Chantal Chagnon helped organize the November 16 rally promoted under the umbrella group Defend Our Climate. She says that 50 was a good turnout considering the terrible weekend weather.

Chagnon estimates between 4000 and 5000 anti-pipeline protestors turned out in Vancouver 350 in Edmonton and even 25 in Nunavut despite even worse winter weather there. Defend Our Climate is working to stall the approval of Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline TransCanada’s Keystone XL as well as the Energy East (flow reversal on existing pipe) Line 9 and Kinder Morgan lines currently proposed.

“Right now we’re not responsibly developing what we have” explains Chagnon in reference to Alberta’s oilsands. “Why would we go ahead and make it even worse? We’re seeing all these pipelines… that are leaking and they don’t know how to stop them so why would we build more if you don’t know how to take care of what you have?” she asks.