Goings On – week of Nov. 21 2013

It’s cliché to talk about the weather I know but it’s batshit crazy out there you guys. It’s impossible to walk anywhere without catching at least a hint of pneumonia and if you’re mature enough to be an adult with a driver’s licence but not quite mature enough to own snow tires it’s incredibly stressful to get anywhere.

With that in mind it’s understandable that touring acts don’t really want to fuck with our highways while Mother Nature has her way with them. Thankfully despite a lesser number of touring artists in town this week there’s no shortage of local music worth your attention.

If you like watching indie rock at punnily named wine bars that generally appeal to the jazz crowd you’ll definitely want to hit up Wine-Ohs on Thursday November 21 for an appearance from local indie auteur Clinton St. John . He’ll be joined by Astral Swans (the newer endeavour from Extra Happy Ghost!!!’s Matt Swann) and Lucid 44 .

If you’d prefer getting all riled up with some female-fronted punk be sure to hit up Vern’s. Following Thursday night’s screening of Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer at CUFF Docs you’ll just need to pop across the street for a performance from local punk trio The Throwaways and the newer act Hag Face .

Friday November 22 is a big night for local release shows. Over at The Palomino rock-tinged country outfit Cowpuncher will celebrate the release of their new album Ghost Notes with a remarkably diverse lineup that includes party-rock outfit Napalmpom and blunted-out metal dudes Chron Goblin .

Over at Broken City garage rock outfit The Pygmies will celebrate the release of their brand new Inside Your Mind! album. They’ll be joined by local legends the Von Zippers along with Hag Face making their second performance of the week. Following The Pygmies set they’ll play a second set of garage covers featuring a wide array of guest vocalists.

There’s yet another release party on Saturday November 23 as local folk pop songster Stephen van Kampen will celebrate the release of his latest SAVK album Love Letters and Hate Mail with a headlining performance at Festival Hall.

Over at The Palomino Fist City (pictured above) will headline a show on Saturday night. The band’s guitarist Evan Van Reekum is also co-owner of the now half-decade-old Mammoth Cave imprint which just put out a fantastic new 7-inch from Vancouver’s Nervous Talk featuring smartass Alberta expat Joel Butler — make sure you arrive early enough for their set.

Over at the Hifi Club somewhat underrated DFA Records mainstay The Juan Maclean will bring his forward-thinking disco jams on Saturday night.

No matter how good it’s all got you feeling however Broken City will be the place to go for a Sunday afternoon bum-out. Damien Inbred founder of the Doomed Society DJ night is launching Doomed Society Records. To do so he’s one-upped straightforward crust-punk panhandling in favour of an actual benefit show. The all-ages event features Crystal Mess Spastic Panthers Quit School and Vain Collapse .