Kevin Morby – Harlem River


If you’re looking for a travelling album for a long road trip look no further than Kevin Morby’s Harlem River . This is the first solo album from The Babies’ singer/guitarist and Woods’ bassist. While touches of both bands creep in there’s a new intimacy created in Morby’s solo work. He pares down the delivery a fair amount leaving guitars unaffected and melodies sparse. While still holding onto the indie music sound there’s a distinct country leaning in both the acoustic-heavy music and storytelling.

The album begins with a couple light-spirited serenades begging for understanding and regaling tales of travels high low and far. As the album progresses into more desperate stories themes of trains travels and rivers constantly creep in whilst the characters played by Morby tell of relationships addictions and death.

Eventually you hit “Reign” the most driving song on Harlem River . It starts off with a vocalized train horn and hits hard with a rolling rhythm eventually incorporating a harmonica for even more old-timey poignancy.

Overall the album offers hypnotic structures clear deliveries and easy listening. If you’re looking to tune out and let the road unfold in front of you put this one in your deck.