Kaometry Records

Comrade Fraud or simply Fraud may not sound like a familiar name… yet. But with this debut release out on Berlin’s Kaometry Records Fraud is definitely worth keeping on your radar.

The project is fairly new offering sick beats hitting hard and drilling deep. Tunes range from game-like melodies that’ll haunt the crap out of any Mario Bros. adventure (listen to “Spine”) to distorted soulful electro that sounds like the weird cousin of Justice (listen to “Coping Mechanisms”). Let go of any preconceived notions right here though. This stuff glitches and stutters to a perfect rhythm and holds to a dark and industrial aesthetic. Every sound blends perfectly into an assimilated whole.

FRraud offers something fresh. Each song packs a brave new noise and maintains a remarkable consistency from beginning to end. In fact the album can be played in a seamless loop with the last song ending on the lost-in-transmission tone it begins on.

To be completely blunt Fraud is off the chain. The music rips any EDM (call it dubstep industrial glitch or whatever) apart at the seams. It’ll burn into your brain. Welcome to the party comrade.