Nickelback – The Best of Nickelback Volume 1


I always thought the certainties in life were death taxes and that I would never listen to a full-length by Nickelback. I wouldn’t say I purposely avoided the band; I didn’t have to. I’ve never associated with an actual fan. But hey at least I managed the impossible with their hits collection and not say their second album.

I understand why the masses love them. They write huge choruses with crunchy faux-grunge riffs and have a frosted-tipped singer named Chad. The lowest common denominator eats that stuff up. Give him a Von Dutch hat and he could be prime minister.

To be honest Nickelback songs go down so easy that for the briefest second I question why my favourite music doesn’t do the same. Is there a rock song from the past decade as guiltily pleasurable as “How You Remind Me”? Nickelback? More like Nickelcrack!

Of course I find this band and their rapey misogynistic lyrics their DUI cool and redneck style completely repugnant. But man do they ever write the catchiest shittiest rock songs ever put to Pro Tools.