Thee Oh Sees – Singles Collection Volume 3

Castle Face Records

It’s a well-known fact that keeping up with Thee Oh Sees is no easy feat. Not only does John Dwyer’s crew of rock ’n’ roll miscreants regularly drop albums but there are a whole lot of short-form releases to stay on top of as well. Luckily for fans the San Francisco-based garage-rock crew have been gathering up their song orphans via a series of comps the latest of which is Singles Collection Volume 3 .

Featuring a selection of 7-inch cuts live songs and digital-only tracks the comp finds Thee Oh Sees at their loosest skipping out on big-bad studio muscle in favour of a more slacker-type approach. Still the tracks are exactly what you’d expect from Thee Oh Sees who jump from hooky flower-punk romps (“Wait Let’s Go”) fuzzy psych numbers (“Always Flying”) krautrock-tinted jams (“FBI2”) and retro-inspired rave-ups (“Devil Again”).

Is any of the material essential? No. Still if you’re looking for something to tide you over until the next proper Oh Sees record this will do the trick nicely — not to mention save you from spending tons of time and money on tracking down these songs.