Goings On – week of Dec 5 2013

Calgary’s a rapidly growing city that’s going through a lot of changes and it’s got plenty of sectioned-off subcultures which demonstrate that. This first week of December has a little something for everyone whether you’re a bearded Viking metal enthusiast a scrawny soundscape explorer or someone who still thinks Bam Margera is cool.

For the aforementioned beardos there are few shows as likely to involve Pilsner and sweat-drenched face pelts than the gathering of heshers who’ll converge on Republik for High on Fire . The Oakland stoner metal outfit which formed out of the ashes of the Harmony Korine-approved Sleep will return to Calgary on Thursday December 5 with Norway’s Kvelertak .

If you prefer soaking yourself in vodka rather than beer you’ll want to hold out until Friday December 6 when Montreal-based EDM powerhouse Adventure Club will lead a wub-filled evening of glowsticks debauchery and potential for poor decision-making at Flames Central.

December 6 will also mark the 10-year anniversary celebration for local punk rock outfit Madcowboys . They’ll celebrate a full decade of existence with guests The Mandates and Knifedogs at Broken City. Also: the fact that 2003 was already 10 years ago is a terrifying reminder that we’re all going to die. Probably soon.

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather listen to earnest working-class post-hardcore played by a bunch of dudes from Edmonton then damn you have wildly specific taste. You’re also in luck as our northern brothers in Slates will make the trip down to Calgary to headline a show at Undermountain alongside Wicked Healing Fuck Off Dad and Serious Clouds on December 6.

Prefer blazing late ’90s style skate punk? Bust out your four-foot-wide khaki pants and head on over to Dickens Pub on Saturday December 7 for an appearance from local pop-punk institution Belvedere who’ll likely offer up clean-cut octave chords and singalong vocal harmonies aplenty.

Dudes with enormous snapback collections and walls full of snowboarding goggles take note that white trap rapper Machine Gun Kelly will keep the dream of the late 2000s alive with some skittering bass-heavy thug anthems at Marquee Beer Market (formerly the Back Alley very cool) on Sunday December 8.

Probably the best choice for Sunday night however is the ambient textural offerings going down at Local 510. Along with Fast Forward Weekly favourite Valiska the show will offer up sounds from Beneath These Idle Tides Yankee Yankee and Ivan Reese . Oh and also someone named Pedro Monkeyfinger .

Speaking of questionable band names goatee’d skateboarding wizard Bam Margera will hit the Republik on Monday December 9 with his new metal cover band. And shout it from every rooftop in town — that band is called Fuckface Unstoppable . If you happen to go please get me a shirt. A shirt that says Fuckface Unstoppable on it.