Various – Glam-O-Rama Volumes 1 & 2

Kiss Kiss Records

I’d like to think that I was intrigued by these records because they emerged from the same European record shop websites where those Killed by Glam compilations surfaced a while back. But in reality it was probably the pictures on the covers Volume 1 with the prepubescent roller-skating James Boys (whose song is first on this volume and is so catchy I can’t stop listening to it) and Volume2 with two-fifths of Kenny in a dazzling pose one can only assume provided some embarrassment for them in later life.

Said to be collections of “junkshop finds” the comps make one consider flipping past the grim assortment of Nana Mouskouri records in local thrift stores although the European singles featured here aren’t likely to show up — many didn’t have a prayer of a North American release. But these comps are hardly Eurocentric; there’s a good showing of American songs and even a lone Canadian number. In all the collections are jam-packed with hook-heavy non-hits. There are only a few duds which are made up for by some of the more spellbinding songs. And if that doesn’t satisfy at least the dreamboats on the covers are pretty.