Dog Day – Fade Out

Fundog Records

I always forget how much I like Halifax’s Dog Day. Their releases creep up on me like a pleasant surprise and I’m never disappointed. I even loved the last one 2011’s Deformer which everybody supposedly hated because it was muffled and sparse.

There is speculation that their fourth full-length Fade Out will be the final Dog Day release because a) the title suggests so b) members Seth Smith and Nancy Urich are expecting a child (and that tends to break up bands) and c) bands just break up. If it so happens to be their swan song Fade Out is an appropriate finale.

Beefing up the production the album trudges with patience jamming like Purple Blue -era Eric’s Trip on the piano-twinkled opener “Blackened” throwing feel-good vibes down on the shakin’ and snappin’ “Joyride” and cranking the amps for the freak-out rock of “Alone With You.”

It’s fitting that they close with the minimal “Before Us” which best demonstrates how nuanced this is compared to their other work. Smith persistently reassures us that “it’s not over yet” and I’m going to hold him to his word. Because I want to be surprised by Dog Day again.