R. Kelly – Black Panties


I am an R. Kelly apologist. I know the man has done plenty wrong but like the work of Woody Allen I can look past the personal wrongs to appreciate the professional rights.

In 2013 there are two kinds of R. Kelly fans: the slow jam-lovin’ O.G.s who have been there since the beginning and accepted his evolution into a bat-shit sex-crazed lunatic and the newbies who have jumped on the Trapped in the Closet bandwagon and prefer the bat-shit sex-crazed lunatic. I am the latter.

And so to me the past decade has been a real high for Kellz culminating with his best album since 2007’s mega-bonkers Double Up (my favourite of his). The scantily clad Black Panties is what you’d imagine an R. Kelly album named Black Panties to be: turned up boning anthems unabashedly titled “Crazy Sex” “Show Ya Pussy” and career best “Marry the Pussy” featuring credos like “I wanna do it do it do it do it in every position.” There is no innuendo with this dude.

Some may be turned off by his return to raunch following a two-album streak of classic throwback soul but Kellz is a man with needs and those needs clearly add up to feeding his raging libido.