Teengirl Fantasy – Nun

This Is Music

Last year Teengirl Fantasy got plenty ambitious on their sophomore effort Tracer roping in the likes of Panda Bear Laurel Halo and the late Romanthony for a maximalist album of pop-geared dance music. For Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi’s return however they’ve scaled things back significantly with the four-track mini-release Nun .

Ditching the high-profile guests altogether Teengirl Fantasy have entered a more traditional electronic headspace on the EP trading vocals and ear-enticing hooks for more fit-for-the-floor beats and some retro-tinged IDMisms. Lead-off “Eric” makes that strikingly clear as soon as a massive blast of scattering breakbeats hits with glitched-out electronics manically firing off in the background as the duo prove themselves true masters of layering. “Nun” and “Platinum” don’t stray far from the course though the frantic aggression is toned down with some kinder new age synth work and a headier atmospheric vibe.

As a package it all sounds futuristic as hell giving a promising glimpse at what Teengirl Fantasy might have up their sleeves for album number three. But at just 14 minutes Nun is very much just a tease.