Public art I can’t wait to see

Council recently voted to have city administration review the public art policy. One suggestion was that the public should have more say in public art installations. I couldn’t agree more. We should do away with the jury and those people who "claim" to know about "art."

Here are some sculptures that I’m really excited to see pop up in Calgary after being selected by ordinary folk who just want to see good art.

1. Just like that funny head in front of The Bow that you can go inside of but more Calgarian because this one has a cowboy hat and it’s chewing straw!

2. It’s best to keep it simple. Plus the lack of work or thought put into this one will ensure that it doesn’t cost us honest to goodness taxpayers as much fancy money for fancy things that we really don’t fancy need anyway.

3. I like this one because it represents cows and mountains. Those are two things that we have here so they should be represented in public art by cows and mountains.

4. I like this one because it has the cow but also the horse. It also has a cowboy hat and a native headdress both of which honour our western heritage. It represents our western heritage but showing a horse and a cow with those hats on. No need to overthink this stuff amiright?

5. Well duh. Pilsener dude.

6. I’m not necessarily endorsing this one I’m just saying that it’s a statistical fact that this will happen if we let people vote for public art. Open any textbook look at enough graffitti or just peer into the mind of most people and this is what you’ll see. ‘Cause it’s funny. Actually this one I’d actually vote for.