Goings on – week of Dec 19 2013

The second last week of the year means we’re not treated to many touring bands. While tour vans often struggle on the perilous highway however it’s not that hard for DJs to hop on a flight to YYC (seriously why do they have the Calgary Twitter hashtag posted on signs all over the airport?).

First up is an appearance from accomplished hip-hop DJ and Eminem associate DJ Green Lantern . The New York-based producer and performer has a deep discography of banging rap mixtapes and production work as well as a regular rap show on Sirius XM. In other words dude knows what he’s doing. Expect some great selections when he spins at the Hifi Club on Thursday December 19.

There may not be a ton of touring bands hitting town this week but that doesn’t mean the locals won’t find a way to lug their amps through the snow. On Thursday December 19 the Bamboo will host its annual holiday toy drive for the Women’s Centre of Calgary. For the mere price of one unopened toy you can check out locals Raleigh Jung People Clinton St. John Cold Water and JJ Shiplett .

If you want to stick with DJs however you may as well hide under a pile of coats at the Hifi Club on Thursday because the next night will also feature high-profile Los Angeles DJ Them Jeans . Born Jason Stewart he has a wild and varied resumé — in addition to work as a graphic designer he’s partly responsible for L.A.’s Dim Mak Tuesdays. He’s also currently got his own line of jeans out right now and every piece of press about him mentions that he’s six-foot-eight. In other words there’s a chance that Them Jeans will literally raise the roof on Friday December 20.

DJ nights are not limited to fans of dance music and hip-hop however — the punk kids will have their say too with the first monthly DJ and burger party at Tubby Dog. They’ve been serving their beefy patties every Sunday night at their Commonwealth location but the restaurant will now cook ’em up once a month at the main location too. Kicking off the party is an appearance from The Mandates guitar guys Matt Wickens (a.k.a. DJ Sikkins ) and Brady Kirchner (a.k.a. Kirch N. Destroy ).

On Saturday December 21 at Dickens Pub local punk group The Motherfuckers will celebrate 15 years of fuckin’ around. As you’ll find in this very issue the members of the long-running outfit are gearing up to release a new LP so expect some new songs. They’ll be joined by The Bloody Hells Vain Collapse and Citizen Rage .

The Hifi’s killer week continues that same night with an appearance from another rising Los Angeles DJ. Samo Sound Boy has drawn fans from all over the world thanks to his club-ready bangers a blend of crunk electro and house as well as his label Body High which he formed alongside Jerome LOL.

Finally the Christmas spirit of do-gooderness continues with another benefit show. This one’s for Calgary’s Alpha House and takes place on Sunday December 22 at Local 510. If you donate $7 or bring socks gloves or a toque you’ll be treated to sets from Matt Masters No River Lucid 44 and The Night Movers .