The Motherfuckers celebrate a decade and a half of debauchery

The Motherfuckers are turning 15 years old. Fifteen fucking years. I was eight fucking years old in ’98. Third grade. I probably wasn’t even learning long division yet. While I was trading Pokemon cards and sticking my boogers onto the wall next to my bed these guys were producing some of the best and only straightforward no-bullshit punk rock that this hee-haw shithole city has ever seen. With periods of inactivity as well as a revolving door of members The Motherfuckers are back to show us all that 15 years on they remain a successful “exercise in anarchy.” Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive a taste of the newly invigorated lineup at one of their appearances as Die Shizen Pistolen around Halloween. Recently we all sat down with some beers and the questions began.

On the matter of just how he came to play guitar in this most recent manifestation of the band guitarist Matty Pissoff explains that it started with a long back-and-forth between him and frontman Dan Izzo. “It was in April or May and Dan had started asking me a long time ago ‘Hey we’re thinking of getting The Motherfuckers back together do you want to jam with us?’ And I thought about it and figured well yeah I could do that. And he just kept saying it for months and months and months and then finally I was at a show at Tubby Dog and Dan said it again and I told him ‘Yeah man! I’m still down!’ And he said ‘Well we’re jamming next week. See you then!’ So I basically had to learn all the songs over the last little bit probably 34 Motherfuckers songs… plus the Sex Pistols stuff as well as working on stuff for the new album. Lots of work.”

“And would you guys say that a lot of the new material has come out of having Matty in the band?” I ask. Realizing that my words are beginning to slur slightly I set my beer back on the table.

“Definitely” says bassist Sean Hunter. “Right now we’ve got some stuff that is previously recorded but never saw a proper release so we’re probably going to re-record all of them for the new record plus some other stuff we’re still working out. So yeah Matty as a songwriter has really contributed a lot. And it’s been a bit of a kick up my butt to start writing again.”

“I think Matt was the obvious choice that we all agreed on…. I think bringing Matt into the band kind of brought some new life into the band” adds Izzo. “It kind of made it fun again. This is probably the most powerful incarnation of the band since the glory days. But a bit less fucked up!”

“Plus he brought the one ingredient to the band that we need and that none of us have… an ear!” adds Hunter.

“Hey fuck you I’ve got an ear!” exclaims drummer Tim Bastard. “I just don’t know how to play the guitar! I’m sitting behind the drum kit trying to tell you guys ‘No! You gotta play it like ‘rah-rah-rahrah-rah!’ It just doesn’t translate!”

The hours are getting on and I still want to know about the new record. The Motherfuckers only have one previous vinyl release 2008’s I Wanna Be a Cop… EP. “The LP will be about 90 per cent new stuff” says Izzo. “There’s one previously released song on there but that’s a surprise. It will be out on Handsome Dan Records unless somebody out there reading this wants to give us a lot of money to jump onto their label. We’re going to Edmonton for a week to record it. The theory is that if we’re out of town we’re less likely to get distracted and get into trouble.”

As the last beers were drained and we said our goodbyes I left thinking or maybe hoping that they would manage to get into some kind of trouble. Long live The Motherfuckers! Long live the Classless Society!