Cruisin’ the Cosmos – week of Dec 26 2013

CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 — JAN. 19) You can be as intractable as the goat symbolizing your sign. Often these antics are the result of semantics but this week you’ve got nothin’ to fear. With Mercury enterin’ your sign you’re the one who is being clear so it’s them who don’t get it — you grok just fine!

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 — FEB. 18) You get pegged as the weirdo of the zodiac ’cause some folk lack the ability to comprehend that one day your “weirdness” will be a mainstream trend. Well diminish yourself to meet their bland expectations or remove them and their taboos from your equation. It’s time for a full-on freak-out before you see the year out!

PISCES (FEB. 19 — MARCH 20) Don’t forget to factor in the true price you pay for makin’ money the easy way. Dishonest dollars’ll make you older from sleepless nights and lookin’ over your shoulder. Takin’ the devil’s sweet deal may seem a good plan but don’t expect co-operation from either your conscience or The Man!

ARIES (MARCH 21 — APRIL 19) Same way mixin’ chemicals creates entirely new ones from their reactions you’re currently concoctin’ a karmic potion to set your wheel into serious motion. This week whatever you do continue to work on your witch’s brew. Mixing’s the name of the game and it’ll get you your money power and fame!

TAURUS (APRIL 20 — MAY 20) Ever witness a real bullfight? The beast won’t give up even with no hope in heck of anything but a sword in the neck. Luckily you ain’t him so your outlook ain’t nearly so grim. This week your struggle won’t be for naught — when you’re done you won’t know what to do with all you’ve got!

GEMINI (MAY 21 — JUNE 20) To maintain your sparklin’ smile you should be keepin’ a low profile. Makin’ a big display of yourself this week will get you the type of attention that you don’t wanna seek — sittin’ right there in the cross-hairs. If your goal is to get far you best be flyin’ underneath the radar!

CANCER (JUNE 21 — JULY 22) It’s true you’re less likely to stumble if you remain humble. Sometimes though you can’t be afraid to toot your own horn ’cause sure as the day you were born ain’t nobody else gonna do it for you. This week is one of those times when sellin’ yourself’ll see you in sunnier climes!

LEO (JULY 23 — AUG. 22) You may be ready for your close-up but if Mr. DeMille’s camera ain’t trained on you no amount of grandstandin’ you do will make you the focus of view. Sometimes you’re the star Leo and sometimes you just have a cameo. This week if you want glowin’ reviews subtlety is the method of actin’ to use!

VIRGO (AUG. 23 — SEPT. 22) The difference between stinginess and whether or not something’s worth it to you is the former’s a matter of greed and the latter’s about value. Remember that this week when it’s time to choose whether it’s your money or your soul you’d rather lose. It ain’t about what you can afford but whether your values are flat-out ignored!

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 — OCT. 22) Equality ain’t simply somethin’ for justice to blindly assess. Sometimes it’s brought about by pain or duress. That’s why so often the statue of Justice is portrayed as holdin’ a blade. This week your effect on fairness’ll be massive if you take an active role instead of passive!

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 — NOV. 21) If you truly desire satisfaction you’re the one that must take action. Sittin’ ’n’ waitin’ for stuff to fall in your lap’ll only get you leftover scraps or some other useless crap. This week it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to make your own lucky breaks!

SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 — DEC. 21) Your rulin’ planet is Jupiter and its size can also be used to describe your appetites. Let’s not sugarcoat it —sometimes they’re downright bloated. Well whaddaya expect from a gas giant? This week it’s OK to indulge as long as you’re clear that each time you do you’ll add to your bulge!