Goings On – week of Dec 26 2013

The holidays continue with more themed events though now that Christmas Day has passed no one seems quite as concerned with raising money or collecting clothes. Fair enough we did that shit last week. Now it’s us time.

First up you’ll have to break out of your tryptophan-induced slumber on Boxing Day in order to catch rising Vancouver indie-pop trio The Courtneys . The group which features two Calgary expats has gained worldwide acclaim for their self-titled debut album and for good reason offering up laid-back slacker jams that could have just as easily arrived from ’80s New Zealand or ’90s Olympia instead of 2013 Vancouver. They’ll play The Palomino on Thursday December 26 where they’ll join a noticeably diverse lineup that includes bass-and-drum workhorses High Kicks and chiptune band Thwomp .

On Saturday December 28 just-turned-15 punk heroes The Motherfuckers (read all about them in last week’s issue) will play an all-ages show in celebration of their motherfucking milestone at motherfucking Tubby Dog. They’ll be joined by Vain Collapse X-Ray Cat and my favourite the incomparable Copsickle .

Capping off his enormous year hip-hop-production-legend-turned-EDM-superstar Just Blaze will return to Calgary where he’ll play a show at the Hifi Club on Saturday as well. If you’re looking for a pre-New Year’s Eve warm-up this’ll likely be a pretty wild party.

On Monday December 30 you’d be wise to hit up Commonwealth for a show packed with Albertan punk bands. Edmonton and Montreal duo The Famines will make a return offering the best of their fuzzy growling garage punk. They’ll appear alongside Fist City who’ve got members in Calgary and Lethbridge and the Wicked Awesomes all of whom live in Edmonton but have broken up. They’ve played more than one last show but this could very well be their last last show in Calgary.Then New Year’s Eve itself the night where you’ll either be met with disappointed expectations pleasant surprises or some sort of weird never-happened-before situation.

Over at Commonwealth the regular Prohibition night will guarantee a packed dancefloor for sets from DJ Pump Juice and Teddy Celebration .

The Hifi Club will look beyond the local flying in Vancouver’s wonderfully named Vinyl Ritchie for a set to ring in the new year.

At Local 522 local DJs Ivan Rankic and Heebz will join forces once again under the collaborative name Hej Zeus and spin some choice jams.

Then again if you’re a rocker who’s looking to rock out to some rock music on New Year’s rockin’ Eve your best bet will be the show at Broken City. Ian Blurton the legendary beardo behind bands like Change of Heart Bionic and C’Mon has formed a new project with members of Tricky Woo and others. That band is called Public Animal and they’ll be joined by High Kicks Napalmpom and Miesha & the Spanks .