Province will reveal salaries over $100000

The provincial government has made good on Premier Alison Redford’s campaign promise to increase government transparency by revealing the salaries of government executives who make more than $100000 a year.

The new policy applies to deputy ministers senior officials political staff appointed under the Executive Assistant Order and employees as defined under the Public Service Act who work for the offices of ministers and associate ministers and who make an annual base salary of at least $100000.

Starting January 31 2014 the government will disclose these employees’ base salaries benefit and severance amounts and when possible their contracts and termination agreements dating back to staff employed as of April 23 2012. The information will be posted online two times per year no later than June 30 and December 31.

Representatives of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) are pleased with the new disclosure policy having actively lobbied the provincial government to create the “sunshine list” for the past two years.

“This has been a priority policy and accountability issue for the CTF…. This is just what the CTF was hoping for” says Derek Fildebrandt the organization’s Alberta director.