Premier Redford names new members of economic authority

Premier Alison Redford has appointed 12 new board members to the Alberta Economic Development Authority (AEDA). The volunteer board is tasked with advising the government on economic matters such as diversification strategies and opening new foreign markets — both stated as priorities for the Conservative government.

The new members are former Calgary Stampede chairman David Chalack WinSport CEO Barry Heck Shell vice-president Andy Calitz Maclab chairman Marc de La Bruyère World Health Edmonton president David Harvey CIBC investment banker Brian Heald chief economist of ATB Financial Todd Hirsch IT company Acrodex owner Yasmin Jivraj Canadian Energy Pipeline Association CEO Brenda Kenny Husky Energy vice-president Nancy Foster and DSL Ltd. and Eden Textiles president Brad Sparrow.

“The quality of life of Albertans depends on the decisions government makes now. Many of those decisions will be strengthened with AEDA’s advice” Redford said in a January 7 press conference.