Rodeo performers’ picks

As Fast Forward writers have been interviewing artists who are involved the High Performance Rodeo events we’ve been asking them what shows they would like to see. The 28th annual international festival of the arts includes more than 20 performances and events and runs until February 1.

Artist: Simon Mallett Downstage Theatre (10-Minute Play Festival)

Rodeo pick: A Brimful of Asha

"I’m looking forward to seeing A Brimful of Asha which is actually a show I saw at Magnetic North in Ottawa last summer but I’m excited to see it again. It’s a very personal piece of theatre for the creator Ravi Jain but it has family relationships that I think everyone can relate to it’s incredibly funny and it’s a piece of theatre that’s got a refreshing off-the-cuff feel to it despite being very well performed and perfected…. I’m looking forward to Calgary audiences getting to experience it."

Artist: Ravi Jain Why Not Theatre ( A Brimful of Asha )

Rodeo pick: Gob Squad

If Jain has time (his show is currently on tour) he is hoping to catch Gob Squad which he says he’s "heard good things" about. The U.K. and German artists collective has two shows in the schedule: the one-night Super Night Shot and Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) which won the 2013 Drama Desk Award for "unique theatre experience."

Artist: Col Cseke Verb Theatre (Of Fighting Age)

Rodeo pick: Agokwe

"A show I’m dying to see is Agokwe (pictured). It’s the kind of show I love steeped in tradition and engaged in character-driven contemporary Canadian life performed by the creator himself — rings perfect to my ears."

Artist: Blake Brooker One Yellow Rabbit ( Munich Now )

Rodeo picks: multiple shows

Blake Brooker has several events on his list but the highlights are the Gob Squad performances; Agokwe which he says has a unique story to tell; and the Walrus Talks which features among others Joseph Boyden who was a big draw at WordFest in October. Others on the list are A Brimful of Asha Boom and Young Drunk Punk (Brooker as its director has insider knowledge saying Bruce McCulloch is very funny).