RE: “Blowing the Snow Budget” by Chris Harper Viewpoint Jan. 9 – 15

Original article.

How typically libertarian as the political spectrum is actually an infinite loop meaning if you keep going left you’ll end up on the right (and vice versa of course.) But why do the urban middle class suffer from such utopianism that when they realize everything has a cost they believe that money grows on trees? When you suggest to “pay a little extra” I would suggest you simply buy a snow shovel and some tire chains traction mats salt and gravel or kitty litter and put them in your car and save our money. Not everyone in a community wants to pay extra for services that ultimately won’t improve your quality of life and will more likely mismanage and waste any funds collected by any so-called community association. It’s winter don’t think more money will make it any better. The city does an adequate job given the resources meaning your tax dollars and I know you don’t really want to pay more you just want the utopian fairy to fix everything.

David J. Still Calgary