The Book of Mormon is coming to town

Broadway Across Canada the company responsible for touring broadway shows across Canada has just announced its next season. While some people will undoubtedly be excited about Flashdance — The Musical (November 18-23 2014) or Wicked (July 23-August 17) I can’t wait to see the most sacrilegious and hilarious musical there ever was The Book of Mormon (March 31-April 5).

Following some well-intentioned young Mormons on their mission to Africa the play is everything you’d expect from Matt Stone and Trey Parker the creators of South Park .

It’s going to be interesting to see how this performance goes over in Calgary which has a large Mormon population.

If you’re still thinking you don’t like musicals just have a listen to the song below and get excited for show. Don’t listen to it over speakers at work. And definitely don’t listen to it if you don’t appreciate biting social commentary with naughty words and whatnot (and references to doing bad things to god).