Donny Rico vs. the Amazon

Amazon Watch a non-governmental organization that works to protect the Amazon basin has released a pretty scathing and funny video on Chevron’s actions in Ecuador.

Of course what Chevron was doing was not funny. The company after losing its battle in court and forced to pay reparations for polluting the forest went after its enemies using RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) which was designed to shut down the American Mafia and which has massive consequences for those it’s used against.

Of course in Alberta you don’t need to worry too much about little things like doctors speaking out about the health effects of hyper development of oil and gas resources if you’re a corporation the doctors just don’t speak out . And if they do the government will be sure to take care of them for the companies .

Watch the video and have a laugh but then realize just how terrifying this shit has become.