Calgary’s conspiracies revealed

The ominous and shadowy side of our “world-class” city


In 2011 city council decided to remove fluoride from Calgary’s water supply a clear sign to the global elites that Calgary is now officially open for business and therefore exploitation.

Everyone knows that fluoride is a dangerous poison that is pumped into our water supply by the “aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries” in league with those who control the world government in order to make us weak and sick and drive more business for doctors. Therefore the global elites cannot and will not consume regular tap water that has been infected with their own poison.

By removing fluoride from Calgary’s supply the city is providing a welcoming environment to the upper echelons of the Illuminati already well represented by the oil and gas industry elites who control the Canadian supply of energy while terraforming the environment in anticipation of our reptilian leaders unveiling themselves.

We are now a jurisdiction that allows the global elites to consume water without lugging around a reverse osmosis machine or simply relying on bottled water while out eating dinner and planning for the next step in the global takeover.

With Coun. Druh Farrell leading the flouridation removal we can rightfully assume that this ties into her greater plans (in subservience to those who pull her strings of course) to destroy single family housing so that the elites will have an easier time rounding us up and controlling our movements once the new world order is established.

– Drew Anderson


Canadian energy companies notably Enbridge and TransCanada Pipelines have invested their entire future in plans to move the exotic petroleum they specialize in from the depths of the oilsands to international buyers as quickly as possible. The only way to do this at the accelerated pace their shareholders demand is through massive cross-continental pipelines: see Keystone XL Northern Gateway Line 9 Transmountain and Energy East. All are furiously opposed by the public due to fear that these pipelines are as apt to rupture as the current leak-happy network and will contaminate land drinking water and human settlements with more dangerous less scientifically understood bitumen.

But oil is backing up being mined faster than it can be sold and that means the powers that be aren’t making enough money.

Everyone agrees the only alternative way to transport oil is by rail. How strange that as the probability the public’s opposition will win the day increases so too do rail accidents.

When did TransCanada expect to get presidential approval to finish building its Keystone XL pipeline from Hardisty to Houston? In 2011 when the number of rail accidents involving dangerous goods rang in at 118. How many accidents in 2013? 144.

Oil companies will not reduce themselves to paying someone else $5 a barrel to send oil by train at a snail’s pace across the plains when pipelines the size of the Chunnel are within arm’s reach.

Oil leaders obviously want to convince us that oil by rail is far more dangerous thereby forcing us to choose the lesser of two evils and allow the massive pipeline network to go ahead as planned.

Oh and can’t we just make safer trains? They’ve thought of that too. Rail oil and government reps have been spreading the word for months now that it would cost billions to replace or even retrofit the 320000 rail cars shambling across our continent leading the public frantic to know what to oppose most to conclude that exploding rail cars will only become more commonplace with time unless we tell our politicians we’ll accept the pipes.

– Suzy Thompson


If you know anything about the fight over regional planning in the greater Calgary area referred to by the elites as the Calgary Regional Partnership (more like Regional Imperialism) you know that Calgary essentially wields veto power over the smaller towns and controls the water licences that these communities require to grow. Join the partnership or else.

But that’s not enough for the elites who control our puppet politicians all with the clear understanding and support of the purple ruler. When the flood waters rose in High River the RCMP and the military stormed into the homes of innocent civilians and stole their guns. Clearly this was dictated by the rulers who saw a militarized and angry citizenry as a forceful threat to the Calgary takeover of their communities. When Stephen Harper heard of it he pretended to raise concerns over the seizures playing good cop to the bad real cops. He needs to maintain power in order to oversee the dismantling of our society obviously.

When Calgary inevitably takes over the region and enforces its high-density population control measures in the outlying communities it’s a sure bet that those returned weapons won’t work properly when the people rise having been altered in the elites’ Calgary labs.

The federal government under Harper is in league with Nenshi and the purple army despite pretending to be at odds with each other working to enforce the new order of high-density housing of sheeple unable to stand up and defend themselves.

As noted the false flood attack was designed to upset the established order and likely to help the lizard overlords establish aquatic footholds in the prairies — and now those who would stand up have been disabled by the elite helpers.

– Drew Anderson


Mayor Naheed Nenshi no doubt a man of the people (*cough*sheeple*cough*) is one hell of a public figure keeping the masses sedated with his PR propaganda blasts on social media and even more sedated with his lengthy speeches. Though does he really have our best interests at heart? Aside from the fact that purple his campaign colour is deeply tied to monarch programming (the CIA’s all-encompassing method of brainwashing the masses with an occult agenda) your friend Illuminenshi is currently brushing shoulders with the global elite at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Surely a trip to the cloaked cabal known as the Bohemian Grove can’t be far behind making him another puppet in the elitist shadow government.

While we can never be sure there are signs to indicate a rise in occult symbolism throughout the city since the start of Nenshi’s purple reign. The Peace Bridge is one such example. Aside from the fact that “peace” is a deeply cultish notion (the peace symbol idolized by lobotomized hippies is in fact an inverted cross) the architectural abomination is a garish phallus attaching one mass of land to another — a thinly veiled metaphor for the global elite’s forthcoming one world government.

Even more clear as an Illuminati symbol is the giant blue circle installation on 96th Avenue N.E. Some have praised its vague purpose as a triumph of modern abstract art (though it should be noted that some say modern art was secretly promoted by the CIA in an effort to promote negative thought and render all art ugly — honestly some people believe that). What other functions could this unwieldy installation serve? Could it be some sort of antenna installed to communicate with another race? Could it be a monument to the all-seeing eye? Is it finally one ring to rule us all? Perhaps we’ll never know but we can all be certain that the towering blue circle is unquestionably evil.

– Josiah Hughes


In June of 2013 (more specifically the third week of the sixth month — a clear nod to 666 the number of the beast) Calgary was impacted by a catastrophic flood that some sheeple have laughably chalked up to heavy rainfall and even more comically the outright lie known as global warming. However evidence suggests that more sinister forces are at play. As with any and every global event this one’s got the Illuminati’s unholy fingerprints all over it.

Thankfully some noble web warriors have unplugged from the complex matrix of propaganda to uncover some truth in the whole mess; namely that the flood was caused by a futuristic top secret weather weapon. The motives are many — as sites like canadianawareness.org have pointed out Satan incarnate Stephen Harper could have utilized geoengineering to inflict pain on his own hometown seizing the opportunity to play hero and draw attention away from the myriad scandals plaguing him in the Senate at the time. Further there were some weird clouds in the sky the day before the flood likely caused by the masterminded chemtrails sent to demolish our city. Not large clouds that were simply there because the city was in the midst of a large storm.

Alfred Lambremont a blogger at exopolitics.com agrees that the 2013 flood was without question a weather warfare attack. In his opinion however it wasn’t an attack from Harper but rather an attack on Harper for Canada’s reluctance to join the Illumanati’s efforts in starting the Third World War in Syria.

I’d like to put forth one more potential motive for the flood and it’s perhaps the most sinister of all. It’s common knowledge among the enlightened community that reptilians (or lizard people in layman’s terms) like tall whites and insectoids walk and live among us. While brainwashed yokels fester around the glowing lights of American Idol on their idiot boxes the reptilian race controls the Earth storing humanoids as their pets and livestock. Like I said that part’s common knowledge and if you disagree you’ve clearly been brainwashed by chemtrails high-fructose corn syrup and too many immunization shots.

The reptilian race have made their homes in secret underwater bases which is why I propose they are to blame for the great false flood of 2013. It’s crystal clear to me that our lizard overlords used this flood to plant the seeds and lay the eggs for a future race of Calgary reptilians or Calgareptiles who will slowly take over the Bow and the Elbow eventually developing an underwater hub in the centre of Calgary. From there they will control the global oil industry by influencing those who work in the downtown core.

– Josiah Hughes


The fate of the nation is determined by a beardless Santa Claus-like creature toiling decade after decade in the cramped quarters of his seventh floor office at the University of Calgary. This figure is Barry Cooper the untouchable ruler of the Calgary School of Thought.

Cooper a sour-minded political philosopher based at the U of C since the ’80s has directed students and associates into all avenues of Canadian governance. The very long list of Calgary School alumni include political puppet master Tom Flanagan conservative think tank Fraser Institute leader Mark Milke Sun News muckraker Ezra Levant Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith the very Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper and this writer.

While Cooper grooms such puppets to take their place in his neo-conservative Western takeover he is himself only a cog in the greater global neoconservative scheme.

Cooper’s American ties are multiple. In 2000 investigative radio lunatic Alex Jones discovered Cooper to be a member along with Henry Kissinger George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld of the secretive cult camp Bohemian Grove.

Cooper refuses to answer the media’s questions about goings on in the Grove but his southern ties don’t end there. He is connected again to the American neo-cons by his association through Flanagan to the Chicago School of Economics. There’s also his association with fellow U of C professor and former provincial finacne minister Ted Morton. Morton is originally from Wyoming and worked closely with former vice president Dick Cheney while both were organizing Morton’s father’s gubernatorial campaign in the ’70s.

Flanagan and Morton have both fallen from grace (and power?) yet the quieter subtler more modest Cooper ploughs forward. Visit his 7th floor office where he is almost hidden amongst his stacks of irrelevant political tomes and perhaps the dark king will share a secret with you about his plans for Canada.

– Suzy Thompson