Frenchkiss Records

For mixtapes and young love here’s Drowners. They’re not penning any new sounds on their debut self-titled album but for the hopeless romantics this one will fit snuggly between Arctic Monkeys and The Virgins on the record shelf.

Their melancholy presentation cozies up to catchy melodies and repeated choruses. The songs become stuck in your head effortlessly. Despite the downhearted delivery there’s a definite playful quality and even though the music seems drenched in rainy grey skies it’s coloured by a hip New York vibe.

Lead singer Matthew Hitt lets his charming Welsh accent slip out just so. The guitars chime in with ’80s jangle and the rhythms are just about as clap-happy as you can imagine. You’ve heard it done before but you’ll probably melt just as easily when these young lads sneak their way into your headphones.

Drowners is an album to get you through the days of breakups sweet caresses unrequited love and rejection. It’s about unapologetic adolescence and the first kinds of love and loss that come out of that. Does that make it sound like something from High Fidelity ? It pretty much is.