Illuminati at the movies

Kick back and let the entertainment enslave you

Pair the word “Illuminati” with virtually any other word type it into your favourite search engine (though be careful they’re watching you) and you’ll likely find yourself lost in a black hole of wacky conspiracy theories about myriad topics. Everything that happens everywhere is connected and everyone’s working against you say the crackpot conspiracy theorists and message board activists.

Of all the topics covered by activists watchdogs armchair occult experts and genuinely crazy people living out their crippling paranoia online few go as deep as the world of entertainment. Rather than simply being a method of moneymaking and occasionally a form of artistic expression the conspiracy theorist’s consensus is that the people behind movies and television programs are inherently evil seeking to brainwash the masses and further an occult and/or globalist new world order. (There’s an even deeper web of theories connecting the music industry to the Illuminati but that’s another story for another day.)

Much of the film- and television-related conspiracy theories stem from a concept called monarch programming which is said to be a deep and complicated method of brainwashing the masses into soulless subservient human shells. The idea is that a secret cabal of elite masterminds is using entertainment to slowly disintegrate society as we know it via subliminal messages secret codes and hidden occult symbols.

Everything and anything you can think of has probably been connected to the Illuminati and monarch programming at one point or another. Here are just a handful of popular Hollywood conspiracy theories. Hold onto your tinfoil hats.


Whether or not it lines up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one question but many believe that The Wizard of Oz certainly lines up with a globalist plot to demolish humanity’s moral fabric and usher in a new occult world religion. It’s all so clear now!

Well not really but websites like The Vigilant Citizen which manage to find an esoteric angle to any and every piece of media out there have written an in-depth post about L. Frank Baum the Oz author and his involvement with The Theosophical Society. The group which some have affiliated with the occult seeks to establish one universal religious doctrine by pulling different ideas from other religions. As such the argument goes that The Wizard of Oz is about a spiritual journey to illumination.

One need look no further than the film’s symbols: the yellow brick road represents the Buddha’s Golden Path. Kansas represents the physical plane that needs to be escaped in order for spiritual enlightenment. The spirals found in the bricks (and represented by the cyclone that carry Dorothy away) represent reincarnation serpents a figure eight a soul entering the spirit world and just about anything else you can think of. Dorothy’s ruby slippers were originally silver shoes in the book supposedly a clear reference to the “silver cord” that links the physical to the spiritual. Toto represents Dorothy’s inner voice.

Outside of symbolic meanings however many also believe that The Wizard of Oz is utilized in sinister government mind control techniques hypnotizing with its kaleidoscopic colours promising a utopian future with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and using occult symbolism to enslave the mind.


Targeting children is the Illuminati’s favourite method of mind control the theorists argue and the Walt Disney corporation is complicit in this grand sinister plot. The company’s founder is described as an evil member of a secret Freemason society hell-bent on putting secret subliminal messages in everything from his films to his theme parks. If you’ve got time to kill you can spend a full day reading up on Walt Disney conspiracy theories. There are three sixes concealed in the company’s signature logo while the iconic Disneyland castle contains veiled images of the Eye of Horus and other spiritual symbols. Disney movies are packed with subliminal sexual messages the rumour goes including a concealed erection or two in The Little Mermaid the word “sex” written in the clouds of The Lion King and some hidden perverse dialogue in Aladdin . A clip from an ’80s episode of Ducktales appears to showcase the phrase “Ask About Illuminati” on an eye chart in a doctor’s office. Disney Channel pop stars are believed to be brainwashing the youth through psychosexual mind control and there are multiple blogs that use painstaking detail to uncover ABC’s classic program Boy Meets World as a mind-control tool of the Illuminati. Want to find hidden “666”s and phallic symbols in children’s cartoons toys and television shows? Google “Disney illuminati” and enlighten yourself.


Unfortunately researching fringe ideas inevitably leads to problematic beliefs both subtle and overt. These range from homophobia and misogyny to racism — including extreme anti-Semitism. Steven Spielberg’s name comes up a lot in some problematic “Jews run Hollywood” posts but for the sake of common decency I’ll avoid getting into that here. Outside of that however his films are also connected to you guessed it Illuminati mind control. A number of websites point out the supposed occult symbolism in all of his films from Jaws to Jurassic Park including images of white pillars outside buildings which we’re led to believe represent ceremonial Freemason imagery and not just white pillars outside of a building. E.T. is said to be used as a monarch programming tool to familiarize us with alien races while A.I. is a look at our future dystopia/utopia. His 1985 film The Color Purple is said to be a subliminal affront against the church and even those sweet Tiny Toons are lumped in with a satanic plot to enslave humanity because of some pyramid shapes in their cartoons.