Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Sub Pop

For better or worse Mogwai have become creatures of habit. You only need to look back at the band’s last decade to see they have zeroed in on a few select song types dolling out records made up of one part electronic experimentation two parts crushing rock epicness and just a smidge of tender-hearted balladry. For their eighth album Rave Tapes the Scottish post-rock ambassadors fail to break away from the increasingly predictable pattern.

Marking the band’s eighth studio effort Mogwai sound like well Mogwai. This is especially true of the red-lining rock instrumentals such as “Master Card” which could easily fit on any other recent Mogwai album. For the electronic-leaning tracks the band switch things up a bit though jumping from the krautrock trend to the horror score trend and employing more primitive analog gear on synth-y creep-outs like “Deesh” and “Remurdered.”

But overall Rave Tapes is simply business as usual and even includes a prerequisite spoken word number (trading Iggy Pop’s classic “punk rock” speech for an awkward spiel on “Stairway to Heaven”) and an inevitable vocal-led weeper (“Blues Hour”). Rave Tapes isn’t a horrible album it’s just an uninspired one and so very very Mogwai.