Cymbals – The Age Of Fracture

Tough Love Records

The Age of Future starts with six notes in a minor key backed up by the sounds of a crowd before the album’s prevalent nu-disco beat kicks up. The happy moods shadowed by grey clouds and mid-tempo beats continue for the remainder of its runtime. The songs flow effortlessly into each other with melody changes played on guitars and synthesizers mixing it up. Songs like “You Are” and “Like An Animal” (a nine-minute epic of a song) break into dreamier moments and the very last song “Call Me” is a meditative instrumental that departs in an icy sunset.

The style is reminiscent of ’80s bands like New Order with nonsense lyricism and delivery resembling Talking Heads.

Guitars twinkle like sunbeams behind an atypical Londoner voice. The singer vaguely references the work of Daniel T. Rodgers (from which the album took its name) speaking of the way lives have fragmented in the last quarter century. While the lyrical inspiration is esoteric the melodies fit a pleasing pop formula.

The Age Of Fracture offers up pure pleasure. Within the synth-pop style CYMBALS manage to squeak in pleasing twists making it worth a couple spins on the dance floor.