Goings On – week of Jan 30 2014

As with most major cities there’s always been a great deal of hubbub about all-ages shows in Calgary with countless adults begging promoters to please think of the sweet sweet children when booking shows. Fortunately the city’s promoters continue to find ways to entertain the kiddos despite the fluctuating nature of most all-ages spaces.

The Plaza Theatre may be the next venue stepping up to the plate and offering concerts for our innocent impressionable offspring. On Friday January 31 they’ll offer the first in what they hope becomes a monthly all-ages series. The show will include sets from Pine Tarts Catholic Girls Modern Aquatics and If I Look Strong; You Look Strong along with onscreen visuals and cartoons between sets. It’s a great way to get those kidlets out of the house instead of lying around at home with their Nintendos and MTVs and flippy phones.

Of all the criticisms laid out against the late folk great Nick Drake the most common has to be the fact that his timeless beloved folk compositions weren’t recorded in an Elizabethan style. Seriously why the hell didn’t he record everything in the style of the 16th century masters? It was so obvious!

Thankfully Germany’s Ensemble Phoenix Munich have teamed up with Calgary Pro Musica to bring Requiem for a Pink Moon: An Elizabethan Tribute to Nick Drake to the Rozsa Centre on Saturday February 1. The group will utilize instruments like lutes the theorbo and the viola da gamba to merge Drake’s music with the Elizabethan era. Please note — only the music is inspired by that era and the pre-recorded sample of the performance sounds rather nice so you can leave your rotten pelting fruit at home as it will not be necessary.

Monday February 3 will offer the return of freaky spaced-out rap veteran Kool Keith who’s touring in support of his umpteenth album Magnetic Pimp Force Field (which features instant classics with names like “Lord of Thongs”). He’ll play at Dickens Pub alongside German hip-hop production crew Snowgoons .

On Wednesday February 5 the Hifi Club’s regular Northern Lights night will feature some familiar Calgarian faces including Sergio Levels Crimson and Kroun alongside Toronto techno whiz Nautiluss .

Last year some uneducated shit-for-brains buffoon wrote a thoughtless think piece for Vice about how some of the rappers in Calgary were as he so boorishly put it “awful.” That useless moron and so-called “journalist” chose to focus in on a select few goofy do-gooders and completely missed out on Commonwealth’s monthly 10 at 10 series which has showcased countless talented acts over its brief existence.

The event will return on Wednesday February 5 with performances from Vysol Yung Dre Race Bannon Dirty Harry Chief Navaho Pre Cardinal Coke Meeko Dollaz D and Meeghan Noelle . Aside from those 10 artists the event will include music from DJ Rico and DJ Grimrock artwork and hot servings of chicken and waffles. Learn more about 10at10 in Fast Forward Weekly ’s cover story this week which is required reading for that idiot who wrote that Vice thing.