A selection of exhibitions taking place in the Bow Valley corridor as part of Exposure


Zoltan Varadi

Pop-Up Glenbow (Art Central)

February 13 to 28

Throughout the 1990s one thing remained constant in the Calgary music scene: Zoltan Varadi and his camera. Shooting for publications such as Fast Forward Weekly and Vox magazine Varadi was given a unique perspective into the lives of local and international musicians as they blew through the city or struggled to make it in local bars. In his retrospective exhibition Rock(ed) Varadi opens his archive of playful and intimate portraits bringing back some of his favourite covers and introducing a few previously unpublished images. From Feist and Neko Case to Kiss and Motorhead Varadi captures the sweat and toil of the musician behind the music.


Toni Hafkenscheid

Herringer Kiss Gallery

February 8 to March 1

With softened imagery and the pastel palette one associates with the postcards of past generations Toni Hafkenscheid projects an intense feeling of nostalgia with his work in Relics of the Future at Herringer Kiss Gallery. In this series which chronicles his travels throughout North America Hafkenscheid seeks out unique buildings and structures photographing the future as it was imagined in the architecture of the 1950s and ’60s. Eschewing digital manipulation Hafkenscheid utilizes tilt-shift photography to create images filled with the optimism and promise that existed in the postwar era as it looked to a future dominated by innovation and technology.


ACAD photography students

Plus-15 Windows at 150 9 Ave. S.W.

February 1 to 28

The next generation of southern Alberta photographers will be on display in the unique setting afforded by the Plus-15 windows in what was formerly Encana Place. The exhibition aptly titled Voyage displays the work of second-year students from the Alberta College of Art and Design as they struggle to establish their own artistic identity. Utilizing a wide variety of photographic techniques and manipulations this exhibition is sure to have something for everyone as the finished products range from the representational to the formalist to the downright experimental.


Sarah Fuller

Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

February 1 to March 30

Tired of visiting Banff and penetrating no deeper than the ski hills nightclubs and overpriced fudge shops? Well so is Sarah Fuller. In her exhibition My Banff on display at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in the popular mountain destination Fuller has collaborated with friends and neighbours to explore their perception of place and provide a collective narrative beyond that of just a tourist town. In a series of portraits and mixed media displays Fuller attempts to peel back a corner of the popular veneer to reveal the real stories from the community that makes the mountain getaway their permanent home.


Paul Zizka

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

February 1 to 28

In few artists does the combination of professional photographer and avid adventurer come together as nicely as it does in Paul Zizka. Traipsing the backcountry with his camera Zizka will make you fall in love with the Rockies all over again as he debuts his landscapes in Summits & Starlight: The Canadian Rockies at Night most fittingly held in the Cave and Basin historic site. Save yourself time after viewing his work because with his time-lapse imaging difficult and surprising angles and some of the most picturesque subject matter an artist could hope for Zizka will make you want to get outdoors.