The Love Machine – Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By

Wah Wah Records/Supersonic Sounds

Originally released in 1968 on Design Records a budget subsidiary of Pickwick (itself a bargain-bin label that’s well-known for sound-alike records) Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By is a lot like surf-tinged elevator music but with someone fiddling with an oscillator and drenching the mix in reverb and echo. Although it’s only spitting distance from the Free Pop Electronic Concept’s A New Exciting Experience (also reissued by this label) this record’s producers seem less concerned with having a listenable product than with having strange effects. In fact there are quite a few points on the record where the “psychsploitation” dial is tweaked pretty high and the conventional instro-pop is lost in the background behind a swampy mess disintegrated by too many repeats on a tape echo. This would actually be troubling if the backing music was a little more stimulating. The cover’s Technicolor doodle with a resemblance to a bespectacled Beatle is likely no accident and it probably tricked at least a few wannabe hippies/Paul Pfeiffers into buying a copy only to bring it home and wonder why it has a stronger resemblance to bachelor-pad music than to Iron Butterfly.