Solids – Blame Confusion

Dine Alone

There’s a fine skill to making noise rock and Solids hit the nail on the head with their debut album Blame Confusion .

Surprisingly this band which seems to deliver so much more than sweltering guitars drowned in fuzz and unfaltering drums is just a two-piece. They fill out their sound with numerous pedals including one to mimic a bass amp which gives the album a crunchy low-end feel at just the right times. The resulting songs fill the space between the ears by carving trails of buzzing melodies and propulsive rhythms that intertwine in a hazy whole.

The combination of lo-fi vocal recordings — which sometimes seem on the verge of lethargy and other times seem so demanding — and melodic noise work seamlessly. Each song finds the perfect mood among the various parts which come together with adept synergy. The band gives off a definite Sonic Youth vibe punched up with punky noise akin to Solids contemporaries Metz and FIDLAR.

The album is a hazy burn easy to get lost in as songs end on swelling walls of noise. It’s over too soon leaving us anticipating a second third and hopefully many more albums.