Goings On – week of Feb 20 2014

A Tribe Called Red Northcote and Chron Goblin

Ottawa-based electronic act A Tribe Called Red are outspoken activists with Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau recently filing a human rights complaint against the Nepean Redskins football club insisting they change their name.

More importantly however their music is engaging and inventive. The self-described “powwow-step” act have turned heads for their seamless blend of dubstep and moombahton with clear nods to their First Nations heritage. As such you won’t want to miss them when they appear at the Hifi Club on Thursday February 20.

You may as well hide under a table and spend the night at the Hifi Club because Friday February 21 will offer another excellent showcase courtesy of Luca Venezia. The New York-based DJ is no stranger to the Calgary club though he usually appears under the name Drop the Lime. This time around he’ll be performing as Curses his darker-sounding evil twin. The moniker was initially used by Venezia in 2008 then shelved for half a decade but he’s back in full effect with two Curses EPs planned for release in 2014.

There are few things Christians (and/or post-Christians) like as much as metalcore artist-turned-folk soothsayer Northcote but one of those things is kicking back over a pint and shooting the shit about microbrews Nooma videos and/or scriptural literalism. All of these things and more will be an option when Northcote brings his acoustic anthems to the Ship & Anchor on Friday February 21.

On Saturday February 22 Los Angeles-based superstar Dâm-Funk will bring the damn funk to the Hifi Club to help celebrate three years of DJ Pump’s regular Brand Spankin New party. Before you get ready to party down with the electro funk maestro be sure to read our cover story on the artist.

Is five years really that long of a time? I feel like I’ve listened to Lil B mixtapes that are longer than that. If you’re a blunted-out stoner however it apparently is as local weed enthusiasts Chron Goblin are making a big to-do of their half-decade together. In their case it’s fair — in that time they’ve managed to build a worldwide fanbase and release two full-length albums. They’ll celebrate with an anniversary show on February 22 at The Gateway with guests Black Mastiff and We Hunt Buffalo . No narcs allowed.

Remember how amazingly aggro Michael Bolton (no relation) was at rapping Scarface in Mike Judge’s work doldrums comedy Office Space ? You just might be able to relive that in real life when Commonwealth hosts their monthly Hip-Hop Karaoke party on Monday February 24. Look for someone with a particularly bad case of the Mondays as they’re usually the ones with the most pent-up anger.

Finally on Tuesday February 25 folkies Francis Cheer Andy Shauf and Sealegs will team up for a folk show at Festival Hall to celebrate the release of Francis Cheer’s new album Mapmaker .