Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt


Chances are Bleeding Rainbow will never outgrow their previous name. But when you call yourselves Reading Rainbow do you really deserve to? We all know LeVar Burton will never forget.

The Philly band’s fourth album won’t change their luck. They’re still making the same “crack fuck mutant pop punk rock scum shit space pop psychedelic punk rock shoegaze” which doesn’t sound a whole lot different from last year’s Yeah Right . But Interrupt creates plenty more memories that weren’t previously there.

Once again returning to record with Kyle Johnson the songs just sound bigger and cleaner without depleting the heavy effects pedal signature they’re known for. Really Bleeding Rainbow are a sugary melting pot of every ’90s indie guitar band you ever loved.

“Time & Place” kicks things open like Superchunk’s most anthemic moments “Monochrome” mimics the drugged distortion of My Bloody Valentine and “Images” imagines Unwound if they were a riff-lovin’ fuzz-rock band instead of dead serious post-hardcore bros.

Were Interrupt Bleeding Rainbow’s debut album I get the sense it might have been buzzier — it deserves to be. Even though it’s wholly unoriginal it’s a lot of fun and by far the best thing LeVar Burton’s least favourite band has released so far.