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Two years after their critically acclaimed debut album TRUST has released another earth-shaking LP. The sounds are as electrifying as the first. The alluring bass makes it challenging for anyone to sit still while the melodies build into ecstatic climaxes and break into blissful plateaus.

While reminiscent of ’90s techno with hoover-y effects retro synth plug-ins and arpeggios the sound offers something really unique to the current indie and EDM landscapes. Robert Alfons shows off a ridiculous vocal range from ominous bass to fragile tenor. His voice stands out like John Lydon’s; it’s something not altogether pretty but attractive in its own way. The sheer pounding deepness and darkness of the bass is TRUST’s signature something that any good stereo will be stoked to have drip from its woofers. The repetition breaks off into surprising and satisfying twists which exemplifies the adept songwriting.

Joyland is bookended by two significantly less danceable numbers the last being almost heartfelt although it doesn’t manage to draw the soul in as much as the rest of the album draws the body out. Many of the songs contrast the beats with ambient excursions resulting in something so sweet so pleasurable and perfect for parties.