Ann Vriend – For The People In The Mean Time


Ann Vriend pumps out a supremely soulful style kicking up a storm of powerful ’60s nostalgia and hitting the mark while doing it. Most of the songs run through some vintage-ifying effects that add tape hiss and crackle to the already retro-style. For The People In The Mean Time starts off with some body-moving grooves. Gradually the tunes back off into soulful balladry and love songs.

Vriend’s voice is pure. Whether she’s belting out a mournful piano ballad like “The Greatest Killer” or a sensual evening jam like “You Can Have Me” she hits every note with character and power. It’s hard not to be reminded of Aretha Franklin with that commanding R&B vocal work and the soul-jazz style of the music.

For The People offers up some great diversity even finding time for a disco beat on “Those Records” and some jazzier numbers like “In The Way” and “I Never Wrote You A Love Song” which is vaguely reminiscent of more contemporary artists like Norah Jones. Vriend’s strength as a vocalist and reverence for music of a 40-year vintage holds the album together making it a powerful modern-day offering.