Campaign spending

Results from the 2013 civic election are in mostly

The list of who spent what during the 2014 civic election campaign is out. Well sort of. The official list hasn’t been posted so we’re pilfering the work of Jason Markusoff from the Calgary Herald who posted the numbers on the newspaper’s blog. Some candidates including ousted incumbent John Mar have not submitted their records as of the March 4 deadline.

Ward races saw huge fluctuations in spending with James Maxim spending $276538 to lose to Coun. Brian Pincott and ending up with a $42753 deficit. Kevin Taylor spent $276498 to lose to Coun. Druh Farrell. By contrast Coun. Evan Woolley spent only $83862 to unseat Mar in Ward 8.

Other highlights include the fact that Larry Heather managed to raise $7312 for his mayoral run and someone gave Milan Papez $870 for his attempt at the top job. Mayor Naheed Nenshi spent a relatively paltry $391124 to hold onto his spot.