Goings On – week of March 6 2014

Depending on how you feel about word play we’re living in either the worst or best era ever for band names. Take a proper noun add a weird word in place of another word and let ’er rip. Band names that toy with famous people’s first names include Joanna Gruesome Georgia O’Queef Salvia Plath and many more. Now thanks to a Victoria beat sculptor with a penchant for punnery there’s a project called Grossbuster .

Grossbuster will bring his instrumental hip-hop tracks to Local 510 on Thursday March 6 and after spending a little while on his SoundCloud page it sounds like it’ll be worth some slime time. Keeping things interesting he’ll be joined by local duo AM Static who play pensive harmonic electronic pop music.

Over at Broken City located deep in the heart of the Radtown district of Palgary Palberta the venue will host a birthday party for local booker Lindsay Shedden and a bearded Broken City employee named Dragon. The party which goes down on Thursday night will feature the return of Vancouver sludge metal champs Bison B.C. along with Temple . It’s also a special evening for instrumental wrecking crew The Weir who will perform songs to celebrate the release of their debut album. There’s so much to celebrate you’ll be yelling “pallelujah” in no time.

Friday March 7 is another celebration of local releases as scuzzy synth punks PMMA will celebrate the release of their debut 7-inch All She Wanted with a show at The Palomino. The truly unique quartet will be joined by Edmonton post-punk goths Rhythm of Cruelty and local garage dudes The Nancees and Bog Bodies .

I’ve never been one to read the horoscopes and I can’t really remember what my sign is (which is like so totally Leo of me) but it’s obviously a big deal to some people. On Saturday March 8 Calgary musicians who also happen to be Pisces have teamed up to perform together at the CommunityWise Resource Centre. Artists involved include Holgans Hex-Ray Wicked Healing OK Jazz and a local indie pop dude who’s performing a one-off as Old Pisces Fuck . Here’s hoping they come up with even more ideas for these sorts of themed shows — I’d love to see a night of bands that are all Marnies or bands that all got the same answer on a Buzzfeed quiz.

On Wednesday March 12 the Hifi Club’s reputable Northern Lights night will feature an appearance from The Librarian . The creative bass project belongs to Andrea Graham who’s no stranger to the genre — when she’s not producing elaborate tracks she works at the Bass Coast Music Festival which she co-founded. Leading up to her set she’ll be joined by resident locals Sergio Levels Crimson and Kroun . Thank you bass gods.