Real Estate – Atlas


A quick look back at Real Estate’s short career proves the New Jersey janglers have hardly been a band that throws curveballs. It’s no big shocker then that album three Atlas finds the group sticking to their penchant for light breezy indie pop that’s now more than a little familiar.

Atlas is a painfully logical followup to 2011’s Days — often sounding strikingly similar — as Real Estate further draw from the Paisley Underground of the ’80s and a love for acts like the Feelies and Rain Parade. However this time around the band have things set to “chill” more than ever; in fact Atlas is Real Estate embracing a comfortable and relaxed adulthood. The album is the perfect soundtrack for a good ol’ tax filing or a kid-equipped trip to the park.

Other than smoothing out any possibly offensive sharp edges the record brings a few other minor change-ups — taking on a more cosmic country vibe and branching out a bit with some multi-tracked vocal harmonies. Mostly it’s just business as usual.

Of course this hardly makes Atlas Real Estate’s most exciting record but if you’re happy with more of the same you won’t be disappointed.