Lyla Foy – Mirrors the Sky

Sub Pop

Lyla Foy is one of Sub Pop’s newest signees. This London U.K.-based musician has struck gold with her affectionate almost playful style. Her beautiful music carves a quiet path that will melt hearts. It’s a perfect complement for cool crisp mornings and lonesome walks.

The basic structure is simple with the album dominated by Casio-esque melodies and guitar but subtle accents and atmosphere give the music a rich sound. Musically the programmed rhythm section sounds tinny on most songs but rather than coming across as cheap it gives the feeling of childlike playfulness. Her cryptic lyricism and vocals are often obscured by strong reverb and a slight London accent. Even when looking at the lyrics they seem obscure but like many great songs this seems to make them relatable rather than confusing.

The songs orbit around themes of love often addressing an unnamed “you.” Her smoky vocals are imperfect and crackly building on the youthful tone set by the instrumentation. Mirrors the Sky is perfectly dreamy from the obscured lyricism to the playful instruments to the meandering sounds. It’s a lovely listen offering pleasant twists and surprises. It’s a perfect album to take us through the spring thaw.