M83 – You and the Night


When it comes to movie scores Anthony Gonzalez’s M83 doesn’t exactly have the best track record. He publicly denounced the work he did for the 2010 film Black Heaven only to meet with a pile of criticism for the bombastic action-score tendencies of last year’s Oblivion . Unfortunately Gonzalez hasn’t fared much better with his latest soundtrack release this time for his brother Yann’s You and the Night .

Even more than with Oblivion Gonzalez takes a traditional approach to You and the Night rarely evoking the sort of maximalist electronic-soundscape bliss you expect from M83. For much of the score he is like an amateurish version of Ennio Morricone employing wordless female vocals Spanish guitars strings harps flutes and other tried-and-true classical instrumentation. However without the expertise of a maestro it comes off like soundtrack-by-numbers.

Luckily there are some electronic tracks such as “Holograms” “Vision II” and the epic “Un Nouveau Soleil” that sound more M83-ish. Unfortunately it’s not enough to make it all worthwhile.

With M83’s usual work sounding cinematic it’s more than a little ironic that Gonzalez has yet to succeed in crafting a praise-worthy score. Chances are it won’t be long until he tries again.