Metronomy – Love Letters

Because Music

Metronomy couldn’t have had a better 2011. Not only did the forward-thinking British popists release their most critically praised effort The English Riviera but the album even scored the band a Mercury Prize nomination. It’s no surprise then that the once shape-shifting Metronomy have stuck close to the urbane sonic template laid by The English Riviera for followup Love Letters — though not without a stylistic curveball or two.

Led by Joseph Mount and his ever-eccentric wordplay the band continues to stray from its early electro-pop beginnings embracing a bigger grander full-band approach. On Love Letters this involves everything from ’60s psychedelia (“Month of Sundays”) screwed soft-rock disco (the title track) R&B-tinted girl-group Spectorism (“I’m Aquarius”) and organ-led baroque pop (“Monstrous”).

But as manic as that all sounds Love Letters is surprisingly cohesive — more like a logical collection of millions of ideas rather than a random mash. The album not only builds on what came before but improves it presenting a smarter hookier more satisfying Metronomy.

If there was ever an album that was going to finally break Metronomy here in North America this is it.