Kim Noseworthy’s successful fashion career at 20 years and counting

Most parents wouldn’t necessarily be thrilled if their teenage daughter decided to leave home in pursuit of a modelling career but if you ask Calgary’s Kim Noseworthy 20 years later her parents think she’s doing just fine.

“It definitely took some getting used to at first because I was away from them for long periods of time on the other side of the world” she says.

“They missed me but after they saw the progress I was making and all of the jobs I was landing I think that they really started to support that and be happy for me.”

After being “discovered” during a talent scout/contest at her school when she was 14 years old Noseworthy was quickly signed to an agent and began modelling after school and on the weekends.

While many models start their international careers in their early teens Noseworthy’s parents made sure she finished high school before jet setting.

“I didn’t start traveling until I was about 18 which is a little late in the game but I felt like I had a good head on my shoulders by then so I could sort of carry it through” she says.

And then jet set she did travelling to Italy where she was based out of Milan for five years becoming fluent in Italian in the process. Noseworthy’s many dawn-to-dusk workdays were comprised of anything from walking fashion runways and appearing in music videos or editorial spreads in magazines across Europe to being featured in gigantic advertising campaigns such as her work in Asia for Panasonic.

“They wanted me to look like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element so they chopped off all of my hair dyed it bright red for a couple of days and put me in a leather suit” recalls Noseworthy laughing.

“A couple of weeks later I was driving down the highway in Taiwan and I saw the biggest billboard of myself that I had ever seen.”

Today the 34-year-old Noseworthy typically works across Canada and the northwestern U.S. most recently shooting campaigns locally for Sunridge Mall and Camp Brand Goods and nationally for Herschel Supply Co. She still regularly works her magic on the runway too at high-end local fashion events like the upcoming PARKSHOW on Saturday March 15 presented by Chinook Centre at the National Golf Academy Dome.

Her years of experience in front of the camera have also evolved into more of a behind-the-scenes role where she works as the fashion and lifestyle editor for Freq magazine.

“It’s just been a real joy because I get to explore another side of fashion — doing the shooting instead of being in front of the camera and really getting to be creative with it” she says.

While the life of a model is clearly glamourized in the media world Noseworthy says it’s important for people interested in this type of career path to test the waters before jumping in head first. Her advice to a new generation of young women or men interested in a modelling career is simple: Get involved.

“Get a mentor and do some volunteering” she suggests. “I know PARK has a really good mentorship program — it’s just about getting that experience.”

Although the model couldn’t be happier with the success of her career she also realizes that nothing can last forever.

“It’s just risky at this point given that I’ve been doing it for so long that there’s no real security that I’ll be working tomorrow or next year right?

“I’m loving it now and definitely riding this wave but I’m not sure how long that will last.”

PARKSHOW runs Saturday March 15 at the National Golf Academy Dome.