Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata

Stones Throw

It’s been quite some time since Madlib the incredible Beat Konducta collaborated with a rapper. Thank goodness he made the right choice in Freddie Gibbs because this is one of the tightest rap albums to come out in a while.

Madlib continues making interesting hazy beats from samples of rare recordings while Gibbs raps over them with such an interesting flow. The album’s a bit of a mix often gruff and laid-back at the same time. Even though Madlib’s beats can be pretty wonky and difficult to follow the rhythm of the verses spill over the beats in a perfect manner. Even straightforward rap beats push the envelope a bit like the string solo on the track “Shitsville.”

Gibbs doesn’t hold back on revealing his personal life. From his indulgences to his diss track about Young Jeezy “Real” he doesn’t give a shit. He’s had some tough times but seems to have found his footing on this release. The only real problem with the album may be the guests. Hearing Danny Brown on “High” doesn’t suit the flow of the track and is kind of a distraction. Otherwise this is a near-perfect release.