While the kosmische resurgence of a few years back may have sadly fizzled out that’s hardly stopped musicians from putting a headier spin on modern electronic music. This includes new Kompakt signees Vermont a duo made up of Marcus Worgull and Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Danilo Plessow.

For their self-titled label debut the pair steer well clear of anything remotely aggressive or EDM instead aiming straight for a laid-back blend of synthesizer soundscapes minimal percussion and cloudy atmospherics. It’s a familiar sound looking back to classic kraut biggies like Cluster Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. And if Vermont’s retro intentions weren’t clear enough they even roped in legendary Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit and Phantom Band’s Dominik von Senger for a few tracks.

While analog synths lead the show there’s a lot more going on here too thanks to some well-placed string movements light guitar passages and even some theremin courtesy of Lena Willikens. It all helps give the album a playful touch with the resulting tracks sounding like they were birthed from real-life jam sessions rather than cold computer screens.

Vermont may not be breaking new ground but they do shine a welcome light on some classic sounds.