Warm Soda – Young Restless Hearts

Castle Face

Warm Soda have returned with a sophomore album of severely charming power-pop that could easily have arrived from the 1970s. It delightfully appeals to the most basic instincts of youth.

A few key riffs are scattered on the album but for the most part each song keeps a consistent tempo and melody. They’ve toned down the fuzz from their previous album to make the instruments and vocals punchier.

As the album’s title suggests the songs are written for young restless hearts. Lines like “Just as the world keeps turning / My heart’s a candle burning endlessly” and “Doesn’t matter that the rest they will never see / You’re the one I need” pretty much sum up the contents of the album — mix-tape ready confessions.

The four-piece band keeps the driving momentum going from start to finish but unfortunately the vocals never really get into it by remaining aloof. For music seemingly inspired by The Strokes it would be nice if singer Matthew Melton released more passion like Casablancas does.

For every young restless heart out there Warm Soda will be your soundtrack. Even for settled hearts the album delivers a nostalgic trip through the excitement and trials of young love in an excellent power-pop package.