Ideologic Organ

The title Lone couldn’t be any more appropriate for Ai Aso’s debut for Stephen O’Malley’s celebrated Ideologic Organ imprint. Not only does it feature the Japanese musician playing entirely solo but she pairs her whispered vocals with nothing more than either slow-moving guitars or dreamy keyboards (though never both at the same time).

Recorded at Tokyo’s Daikanyama UNIT in November 2012 Lone captures what must have been an extremely intimate performance from the Boris/White Heaven collaborator whose quiet manner comes across all the more private in a live setting. That hardly means the record isn’t engaging mind you especially during the two synth-fuelled tracks “Date” and “Most Children Do.” Aso’s reverb-soaked approach also has a certain hypnotic way about it lulling you into some faraway acid-folk dreamland that’s warm comfortable and good to get lost in.

Live albums often aren’t the best introduction to an artist but in the case of Lone it works giving you a fetching picture of Aso’s fragile songcraft.